Walmart Catering Prices

Here’s a list of Walmart catering prices:


Walmart Catering Menu

Party Trays & Subs

Sliders Tray Small 12"$14.00
Sliders Tray Medium 16"$26.00
Sliders Tray Large 18"$34.00
Sandwich Tray Medium 16"$32.00
Sandwich Tray Large 18"$42.00
Sub Sandwich 2ft.$18.00
Sub Sandwich 4ft.$28.00
Sub Sandwich 6ft.$32.00
Pinwheel Tray Small 12"$14.00
Pinwheel Tray Medium 16"$24.00
Prima Della Meat & Cheese Tray Small 12"$24.00
Prima Della Meat & Cheese Tray Medium 16"$42.00
Prima Della Meat & Cheese Tray Large 18"$48.00
Cheese Tray Medium 16"$34.00
Cheese Tray Large 18"$48.00
Meat Tray Medium 16"$34.00
Meat Tray Large 18"$48.00
Mix & Match Sandwich Rolls Large$8.99
Condiment Tray Small 12"$18.00
Condiment Tray Medium 16"$26.00
Shrimp Cocktail Tray Small 12"$34.00
Shrimp Cocktail Tray Medium 16"$48.00
Snack Tray Medium 16"$34.00
Snack Tray Large 18"$48.00
Cheese Taster Tray Medium 16"$34.00
Cheese Taster Tray Large 18"$48.00
Veggie Tray Medium 16"$34.00
Veggie Tray Large 18"$48.00
Appetizer Platter Medium 16"$28.00
Appetizer Platter Large 18"$38.00
Flavored Wings Tray Small 12"$18.00
Flavored Wings Tray Medium 16"$32.00
Flavored Wings Tray Large 18"$38.00
Chicken Trio Tray Medium 16"$28.00
Chicken Trio Tray Large 18"$44.00
Kids Party Tray Medium 16"$24.00
Message Cookie Small$8.48


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