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4 Crucial Considerations for Outdoor Catering

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Summer is upon us and there’s no better season to go on a picnic than now! You can bring your family and friends on such an enjoyable outdoor activity, perhaps even plan your company’s once-a-year picnic. You will find that the headaches of party planning becomes lesser if and when you can whittle down the considerations to just four, namely, cost, venue, menu, and entertainment.  

Consider the Costs

Your first step in planning any event is to set the budget since nearly every aspect of the party will be affected by it. You have to allocate an amount for the food and drinks, the venue, and the entertainment, among other things. You must make a list first and then add more items, if necessary, so that you don’t forget anything.  

Your caterer may also ask for additional charges in case the food and drinks will be delivered at some distance from the restaurant. You should then read the fine print so that you don’t have to deal with nasty money-related surprises later on.

Look at the Venue

Your next step is to look at the possible venues that can accommodate the number of guests on your list. You may choose a smaller location like your backyard or a larger location like a park depending on this number. You should also consider the type of event, whether it’s a family-oriented birthday party or a corporate picnic, and the types of activities to be done.

Since it’s an outdoor event, you must also have a contingency plan for both sunshine and rain. You can set up tents, for example, and rent a few of the cottages just so your guests will have somewhere shady to relax in. You must also consider the toilet facilities because everybody will need them sooner than later.  

Mind the Menu More

Just as with indoor events, the food and drinks are the practical centerpieces of outdoor events. You have to think of healthy and light yet filling and satisfying food for yourself and your guests. Your best bets are appetizers, finger foods, and sandwiches from the likes of Jason’s Deli since these are both easy on the stomach and the fingers.

Your menu can consist of deli items that can be prepared on site so there’s reduced risk of spoilage.  These can include traditional sandwiches, salads, and pastas, as well as soups, fresh fruits, and sliced vegetables.  

Enjoy the Entertainment

You may or may not plan for an entertainment depending on who the guests are and what type of party it is. If you decide on entertainment, you may want to consider one that will satisfy most, if not all, of your guests. Your choices include a DJ with upbeat music, a few parlor games, and perhaps a bouncy castle.  

When everything’s set, thanks to your party planning skills, your guests will thank you for the good time they have!  

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