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Doughnuts: What Makes a Great One and How to Eat It?

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Doughnuts are dangerous! Of course, we mean it is a good way, particularly in the sense that you will likely not get enough of it so overindulgence is a danger. Even a bad doughnut isn’t too bad that you will immediately throw it away after the first bite.

Great Doughnut Debate

This begs the question: What makes for a great doughnut? With as many personal preferences in doughnuts as there are many types of doughnuts, the debate rages on albeit in a more amicable way. After all, everybody can agree to disagree since there are several types of people in the doughnut world – raised doughnuts people, glazed doughnuts people, and fritter people, for example.

But doughnut people also agree that there are certain characteristics that make for a great doughnut.  

  • Mouthwatering look. You should immediately be tempted to eat the entire doughnut in a few bites as soon as you look at it. You don’t want to eat a sad-looking doughnut because it’s meant to be a “happy food”.
  • Sweet aroma. Your nose should pick up on the sweet smells coming from it at the same time that your eyes are feasting on its overall look.
  • Yeasty flavor with a nice mouth-feel. Your mouth experiences an explosion of flavors from the doughnut itself to the frosting and toppings. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed with any one of its components since each one complements the others.

Most importantly, the best doughnut can be eaten on its own without the benefit of milk, coffee and juice. But obviously you can pair a doughnut with your favorite beverage since it’s about personal preferences.  

And don’t forget about the frosting either. It shouldn’t be so sweet it drowns out the yeasty flavors of the base, not to mention that it shouldn’t leave a shiny film in and around your mouth. Otherwise, it means that there’s too much hydrogenated oils in it.

Good Tips to Remember When Eating

Doughnuts are among the ultimate finger food, too. You should ideally eat them with your hands but you can also eat them with utensils, such as when you don’t want to mess up your hands.

A few tips:

  • Pick up your doughnut with your hand. Use both your hands if it’s too large, or too hard to hold, or too sticky.
  • Wrap its bottom in a napkin or parchment paper so that you can keep your hands clean, if you want, while you eat.
  • Bring it to your mouth and take a small bite. Doughnuts are best enjoyed in a slow manner, not to mention that stuffing your mouth doesn’t look pretty.
  • Watch out that the filling doesn’t drip to your clothes, among others.

Eating doughnuts at chains like Dunkin Donuts isn’t a dainty task. But you can still enjoy them without being a pig.  

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