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Five Reasons Why Eating Pizza Can Be Good For You

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Pizza regularly gets a bad rap since it can be linked with binge eating. However, whether you are eating a few slices on the go or enjoying some pizza in the morning, it has absolutely some health benefits. Here are five reasons you should not feel guilty when eating up a slice of this comfort food. 

It Can Help Fight Cancer

Lycopene, which is the main ingredient in tomato, is a powerful antioxidant that can help avoid cancer and protect you from heart ailment. However, like any food, the health benefits will come from consuming pizza in moderation.

Pizza Sauce Can Improve Immunity

Aside from fighting cancer, study suggests that the pizza sauce is actually filled with Vitamin C, which the body requires to prevent diseases including common cold. A study by the University of Arizona suggested that adding oregano to the pizza sauce could boost immunity further. Carvacrol, oregano’s active ingredient, can protect the liver and promote balanced blood sugar.

It Contains Nutritious Ingredients

Binging on pizza or going overboard on pizza toppings is what makes this food item less healthy. Asking for extra thick crust, double sausage, or even triple cheese perhaps won’t offer any favors.

Instead of a thick and fluffy crust, opt for a thin, whole grain pizza crust. Whole grains can easily make you feel fuller so you do not have to eat much. Choose toppings like garlic, broccoli, ham, Parmesan cheese, and pineapple which all provide nutritional benefits.

Pizza Covers All Food Groups

The groups including vegetables, fruit, dairy, grain and lean meat can be all covered in just one awesome pizza. You do not have to make five different meals to get your daily recommended dietary intake. Think tomatoes or pineapple for your fruit intake; spinach, red peppers or broccoli to meet your veggie requirements; ham or chicken for leaner meats; low fat cheese for the dairy part, and a wheat crust for the grain component. You have covered all foundations with one meal.

It Can Boost Brain Function

Several ingredients on pizza are verified to be good for the brain. Spinach is a potent source of folate, which stimulates blood circulation in the human brain. A research showed that certain foods can stimulate serotonin levels, which is a hormone associated with mood. The higher the serotonin level is, the better you feel. Spinach and pineapple, which are key ingredients in most pizzas, are known as serotonin boosters.

The main ingredients of pizza have health benefits. It is only consuming too much and going overboard on toppings that this snack earns its bad rap. At Pizza Hut, their chefs keep the tradition of making pizza alive by creating pies that are good your health and delightful for any type of event. Call the pizzeria directly or browse their menu online to make your order.

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