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Getting to Know New Orleans Cuisine  

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Every resident of New Orleans know their city’s motto – “We don’t eat to live. We eat to live!” When you come to New Orleans, you will find plenty of proof that indeed its residents live by the motto.

The Fusion of Cuisines

But why is New Orleans cuisine so irresistible? The city is a melting pot of several cuisines from domestic and international immigrants since it was first established. The term “fusion cuisine” may be derided now but it’s exactly what led to the creation of New Orleans cuisine, then and now.   

The classic Creole cuisine comes from the reinvention of fine Spanish and French dishes by cooks of African descent, usually with ingredients sourced from the Mississippi Delta region. The Cajun cuisine with its rustic cooking principles coupled with its spicy twists on traditional soul food. The culinary styling of immigrants from around the world – Haitian, Sicilian, Irish, Latin American, and Vietnamese, to name a few – has also influenced New Orleans cuisine as we know it today.  

Indeed, food isn’t just for the nourishment of the body. Food is, more importantly, about the nourishment of the individual soul and the community spirit. Food itself is the centerpiece of individual interactions and conversation piece – all even before the age of food porn and social media.

The Must-eats in the City

Just as with any major cities, New Orleans has its share of fast-food chains. But if you’re looking for quintessential New Orleans food, you should try these at least once. You will likely fall in love with the cuisine.

  • Boiled seafood, such as crawfish, shrimp and lobster, is a social event where family and friends gather to enjoy good food, good company, and the good life. There’s something comforting and comfortable about slowly peeling the skin off of these crustaceans, all while talking, laughing, and even flirting with your fellow diners.

If you’re not in New Orleans but you want the experience, you can visit a Boiling Crab restaurant and enjoy it! Be sure to bring your relaxed self along with your family and friends to enjoy the Cajun-spiced seafood.

  • Gumbo is among the most famous of New Orleans’ dishes and you will understand why when you take your first spoon of it. This is a thick and smoky soup with deeply-flavored seasoning, which is then served over fluffy white rice. The ingredients may also change depending on the vegetables and seafood currently in season. During spring, for example, it may be oyster mushrooms and roasted rabbit but in Thanksgiving, it can be Andouille gumbo and smoked goose.

What are you waiting for? You might want to head on to New Orleans – or if you can’t, then have your party catered with a New Orleans menu.

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