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Glamping: Camping Taken To The Next Level

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Camping has always been synonymous with rough and rugged living outdoors, even for just a few days. But there’s a new trend that reverses such an idea about camping – ladies and gents, welcome to the world of glamping! The term is obviously a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping”, a new kind of adventure that doesn’t involve missed meals, mosquitos, and missed modern conveniences.  

Camping with a Glam Feel

When you’re on a glamping trip, you don’t have to pitch a tent, unroll a sleeping bag, and trek into the woods for your bathroom breaks. But you’re still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors because your days and nights are spent in the woods or forest, perhaps beside a lake or lagoon.  

Basically, glamping minimizes the discomforts associated with camping and maximizes the experience, usually with a high level of service rendered by a team of glamping staff. Indeed, the facilities and amenities found in most glamping destinations significantly exceed those in recreational camping locations.  

But many glamping enthusiasts are also choosing an alternative experience wherein certain amenities aren’t availed of. For example, you can pick up your food and drinks from a Café Rio restaurant nearest your camping location, so you can save on food costs. You have to consider the perishable nature of the food so keep your glamping days to just a day or two.  

Camping Aside from Tents

Camping evokes tents but glamping presents several shelter options. These include barns and farmhouses, cabins, cubes, pods and domes, lodges, huts, cottages, and tepees, as well as large luxurious tents.  Your choice will be influenced by the number of people in your group, the types of modern conveniences desired, and the cost of stay.  

All of these glamping shelter options have the standard modern conveniences that will make them feel like a second home.  These include indoor plumbing with showers, sinks and toilets as well as electrical systems for the lights, electronic appliances, and hot water.  There’s little to none of the negative discomforts associated with glamping so it isn’t surprising at all that it’s a growing trend in North America.  

While glamping has its merits, it’s still best to plan well for it. You want to arrive at your chosen glamping destination with all the things necessary to enjoy the experience. You should bring the appropriate clothes and shoes, especially when you have plans of hiking the trails, as well as your personal toiletries, gadgets, and paperwork.  

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