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How Do Chefs Make the Best French Toast?

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Nothing beats French toast when it comes to being the centerpiece of brunch, especially on lazy weekends! French toast, after all, is a meal and dessert in one since it is essentially fried bread pudding. Plus, it can be paired with champagne cloaked in orange juice – truly, a decadent meal, preferably when it’s served in bed.  

But too many mistakes can happen when you prepare French toast that, sometimes, it isn’t worth the trouble. With this in mind, we prepared a few useful tips in perfecting French toast, just as the way chefs prepare it.

Choose the Perfect Bread First

Chefs suggest Pullman loaf, challah, and Brioche as the best types for French toast. These breads are both spongy enough to absorb the custard and sturdy enough to withstand the cooking process.

Be sure to cut the bread according to the right thickness – too thin and it will fall apart when dipped into the custard; too thick and its center will be undercooked. The ideal thickness is between ¾” and 1” so that each slice absorbs the custard well. The result should be a slice with a slightly crunchy textur

Even with the right bread, however, it will still not be the perfect French toast when you under-soak it. Instead of quickly dunking it into the custard, let it soak for 15 minutes before frying it in the pan. This way, the bread thoroughly soaks in the egg mixture.

Make the Right Custard

Always whisk the custard well so that the eggs and dairy are combined well. You shouldn’t see pieces of egg white on the fried slices of bread since it’s a sign the custard wasn’t whisked as well as it should be.

Be careful about adding too much sugar and dairy (i.e., milk and eggs) into the custard. If there’s too many eggs, the custard will not cook well so you end up with soggy bread. If there’s too much sugar, you will have a cloyingly sweet French toast that will likely end up in the trash. The right amount of dairy means that the French toast has a dry texture on its surface but its edges are slightly crispy.

When frying the bread, keep these tips in mind:

  • Spray a thin coating of butter and neutral oil on the pan.
  • Always preheat the pan before putting in the bread so that it’s hot enough to cook it.
  • Cook the slice of bread over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.
  • Wipe the pan clean after each slice of bread has been cooked and then repeat the process for the next slice.

And when you’re too busy to make your own French toast, there’s always the great French toast breakfast at IHOP!

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