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Saying Your “I do” In An Al Fresco Setting

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Al fresco events, especially during the summer and spring, are well-loved for many reasons including their refreshing and romantic vibe. No wonder al fresco weddings are popular among brides! But since these events have more environmental variables, from the sun to the rain, there’s extra planning involved. Here are a few tips that can make your event planning go smoothly than expected.  

Keep the Party Together

If you’re planning a destination al fresco wedding, you are well-advised to keep everyone in a single venue, if possible. You will then be able to gather everybody faster and easier in case of pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding activities. You will also be able to let everyone know whether there are changes in plans since most, if not all, are in a single hotel or in two hotels within a stone’s throw of each other.  

Hire a Local Caterer

The food and drinks are the centerpieces of any event. You should then ensure that your menu offers your guests filling and satisfying dishes and desserts, which should be served as they are meant to be served (i.e., hot or cold). Your best bet then is hiring a local catering company or a restaurant chain that offers catering services, such as the Boston Market restaurant.

Pick a Pretty Background

The beauty of al fresco events lie in getting the best that Mother Nature has to offer, especially the landscapes available whether these are natural or manmade. Your wedding will then be more memorable partly because you and your guests will have pretty backgrounds during the photo sessions. You may even be able to save money on the venue’s decorations because the landscape cannot be beat by even grand décor!  

Lighting Matters, Too

Even when your wedding starts in the morning, you have to look into the venue’s lighting system since your party will likely last well into the night. You have to keep in mind that romance should be in the air so tiki torches, fairy lights, and lamp posts are among your best choices. Your guests should still be able to see each other in the gathering dusk while your photographer should also be able to get great photos (i.e., no ghostly effect).  

Of course, you have to plan for every environmental factor possible, such as the wind, sun and rain. Tents should ideally be set up so that you and your guests can take refuge in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Your party will go on and that’s what effective party planning is for!  

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