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The Joys of Feasting on Seafood the Boiling Crab Way

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Just a single look at the list of Boiling Crab catering prices will have your mouth watering! You will likely imagine the pink flesh of the shrimp, the juiciness of the crabs, and the sweetness of the crawdads immediately.

Crawdads Cravings Satisfied

When you’re in Texas and California, you should dine in at a Boiling Crab restaurant at least once – and if you’re lucky, at least once a week. The New Orleans-inspired chain of seafood shacks is among the best places in the United States to enjoy crawdads, the sweet and succulent manna from the sea.   

The crawdads are at their best – juicy, tender and flavorful – during the spring and summer months. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be enjoyed during the autumn and winter seasons since crawdads are still plump. The trick in eating crawdads regardless of the season is to get the juicy meat in their tails.  

While crawdads can be eaten on their own, the Boiling Crab way is to serve them with your own choice of seasonings. You will also enjoy the seafood with an assortment of segments of lime and corn, so a complete meal can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Seafood Feast

But why stop with the crawdads when you can have a seafood feast? You can order blue crabs, Dungeness crabs, and shrimp, too, along with the crawdads. Your life is too short to skip on the bounty of the sea, whether it’s a beautiful day or a milestone achievement being celebrated.

The seafood bounty is served in a plastic bag, which can then be poured onto the table and turned into a giant, if messy, feast everybody can enjoy. Well, at least, for people who don’t have allergies to seafood!  

Why the plastic bag? The assortment of seafood is quickly boiled while in the plastic bag, which preserves its succulent, juicy and tender quality as well as its flavors. Plus, the plastic bag is a convenient method of transporting from kitchen to table so diners are always assured of fresh seafood.

You also have a choice of three seasonings, namely, Lemon Pepper, Rajun-Cajun, and Garlic Butter. Every seasoning has its fans but if you can’t decide, then just say you want the Whole Sha-bang. All the three seasonings are in it so you end up with a tangy, spicy and buttery sauce, which will not only flavor your food but will also make your fingers smelling like crawfish for hours, even days.

But when you have eaten your fill of seafood manna, it’s worth it!

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