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The Superiority of New York Cheesecake

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Let’s face it – nothing beats the original. And when it comes to original cheesecake as we know it in modern times, nothing beats New York cheesecake! This isn’t being too New York-centric in our worldview but it’s just the way things are in the cheesecake industry.

Lovers and Haters

As with any cult favorites, there are lovers and haters of the New York Cheesecake. On one hand, the lovers say that its dense texture lends itself so well to its extra-smooth texture and rich flavor, a delightful experience with every bite.

But it’s so rich that you can’t indulge in more than a small slice, perhaps in a medium slice if you have a sweet tooth, without the regrets coming in later. The heaviness can get to your palate, so to speak, thus its by-the-slice consumption.

On the other hand, the haters assert that the New York cheesecake is akin to a slab of cream cheese with the consistency of a soft brick. This is then laid on top of a crust, which can be as heavy as the cream cheese topping itself.

But haters will hate, as the lovers will say. So, the lovers remain adamant about the superiority of New York cheesecake and, thus, consume it by the pan every week.

A Study in Contrasts

While most chefs will have his or her own version of the New York cheesecake, everybody agrees that cheesecakes with flavorings from Key limes, Irish coffee, and vanilla, are all frauds. This is because the cheesecake for which the Big Apple is known for has a simple flavor profile, nearly pure in its simplicity.

The flavor should be an exercise in restraint while its textures should be an orchestra in your mouth. Sweet yet tangy, rich and heavy, and dense and bronze-skinned – all these describe the cheesecake. At its core, the best New York cheesecake has a thick, creamy and satiny mouth-feel that radiates in flavor outwards, from a velvety texture to a suede-like experience before becoming a fine-pored, cake-like treat at the edges.

What it shouldn’t be are citrusy, fluffy, gummy, chewy, vanilla-scented, mousse-like, and starchy. If it’s too dry or too baked, then you’re not getting the best of New York cheesecake.

If you’re not anywhere near the best New York cheesecake maker but you have a Cheesecake Factory in your place, then you’re in luck. Its Original Cheesecake, which was created by Evelyn Overton, is a good representation that you can enjoy either at the restaurant or at home. Just be sure to leave a slice or two for your loved one since it’s meant for sharing!

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