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What’s The Best Way To Eat Pizza?

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Pizza is among the ultimate comfort foods in Americans, not to mention that it’s easy to prepare at home and order in restaurants. But you may be eating your pizza the wrong way!

Before we discuss the best way to eat your pizza, let’s first agree that it’s a polarizing issue. Such is the sensitivity of the topic that even New York City politicians will steer clear of the topic, perhaps say a safe answer like everybody has the right to eat pizza any manner they like – except with a knife and fork. Let’s agree, too, that for as long as you enjoy pizza, then your way is the best way, just as it is true for your fellow pizza lovers.

Folding Technique

True-blue New Yorkers will not be caught dead using anything else but their hands in picking up a slice of pizza and placing it into their mouths. This is especially true for thin-crust pizza, the style for which the Big Apple pizzerias are known for. The folding technique is also a must for Neapolitan pizza.

There are two folding techniques commonly used for pizza:

  • Fold it in the middle or in half
  • Fold the entire pizza in four similar to a wallet

Folding your pizza makes sense, too. The toppings including the cheese and tomato sauce will stay inside the crust so each bite contains all of these ingredients. Otherwise, the toppings will slide off and only the soggy dough will remain – and where’s the fun in that?  

Besides, if a squirrel in New York City was once seen folding his pizza in half, then why can’t you?

Fork and Knife

But this isn’t to say that eating your pizza with a fork and knife isn’t the best way, too.  You have to adapt your pizza-eating habits according to the type of pizza and the place where it’s served.

In Chicago, this is the acceptable way of enjoying its deep-dish pizza for many reasons.  You can’t pick up deep-dish pizza from its searing pan, after all, unless you want to suffer from burned fingers. Your best choice then is to use a fork and knife although you can dive in with your hands once the pizza has cooled down.

In Italy, the use of a fork and knife when eating pizza is a must, too, since pizzas here aren’t pre-cut, unlike in the United States. You can also use your hands, especially in casual settings, but a fork and knife is the safer bet.  

The next time you’re perusing the Blaze Pizza catering prices list, you should keep these things in mind. You can then add forks and knives, if necessary, into your list of requested add-ons.  

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